Accessorize Your Golf Cart

Get even more use out of any new or used golf cart you purchase from Burkholder Golf Carts, LLC by accessorizing it. We’ll ensure that any of your requested accessories are properly installed and ready for your use. Take a moment to consider what options are available.

Convenient Conversions

Your golf cart can be personalized to for your intended uses. If you’ll be using your new or used cart for recreational use on rugged terrains, for instance, a lift kit and a tire upgrade can make your cart more suitable. Want to invite more friends along for the ride? Consider a rear passenger seat.

Increased Hauling Capabilities

Add a pull-behind trailer or utility bed to your cart and you’ll be able to complete more demanding hauling tasks with ease. These accessories are available in different configurations, allowing for even more usability.

Green golf cart

Extra Durability

If you plan to use your cart in areas with rougher terrains, consider adding brush guards. Ask about our custom tire and wheel options to further enhance durability.

Flexible Seating

Enjoy the ability to adjust your cart’s seating with a simple flip of the seat. With our flip-flop seat kit, you can transform your cart from a four-passenger vehicle to a two-seater in seconds. Plus, the folded down rear passenger seat automatically becomes a utility bed perfect for various hauling tasks.

Protection from the Elements

Keep using your cart even when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate by adding a roof or canopy to it. An enclosure can be added to provide extra protection from wind and insects. We also have handy storage covers you can use to protect your cart when it’s not is use.

Added Safety Feature

Give yourself more peace of mind when using your cart by adding some extra safety features. Options include headlines and taillights. We also do oil changes and make adjustments to brakes and suspension.


Make a wise investment with budget-friendly transport vehicles from Burkholder Golf Carts, LLC. Simply let us know what accessories you prefer, and we’ll show you what’s available. Contact (717) 354-4080 to speak with a member of our friendly staff or visit us in person.