Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is the average life time on a set of batteries?
    • We see on average 5 – 8 years if batteries are maintained.
  2. How much do I need to spend to replace my batteries?
    • Batteries themselves will cost anywhere from $850-$1,000 plus installation new cables etc..
  3. How do I maintain my batteries?
    • The water level should be checked approx.  once a month, battery cables should be cleaned because a poor connection will heat up and could melt your battery terminal. Also keep them charged, it is hard on batteries to be left in a low state of charge for long periods of time.
  4. What is involved in maintaining a gas-powered golf cart?
    • Replace air filter, change oil, grease.
  5. Do you offer delivery and pick up service?
    • Yes
  6. Do golf carts have titles?
    • No golf carts do not have titles you will only pay 6% sales tax.
  7. How far will an electric golf cart go on a charge and how long will it take to charge?
    • With new batteries average is 20-30 miles depending on terrain and tire size. Charging takes 10-12 hrs..
  8. How far will a gas cart go on a tank of fuel?
    • 6 gallons will go up to 200 miles.
  9. What are the dimensions of a golf cart?
    • A standard golf cart with no accessories is just under 8’ long / 4’ wide /6’+ high with a roof. A back seat will add approx. 1.5’