Your Full-Service Source for Portable Transportation

Burkholder Golf Carts, LLC is your full-service source for portable transportation. Our goal is to build lasting customer relationships by offering fast, budget-pleasing follow-up services. Taking advantage of any these service options can offer added return on your initial investment and much-appreciated peace of mind.

Routine Maintenance

Extend the life of your cart by coming to us for routine maintenance and service. Our skilled technicians will thoroughly inspect your cart to ensure that all components are operating as efficiently as possible and identify any issues that may need attention. Our routine maintenance options include:

  • Oil changes
  • Front end alignments
  • Check and adjust breaks
  • Filter changes

Minor Repairs

Should your new or used cart need some minor repairs, our technicians will take care of it. We stock an assortment of premium-quality parts and accessories for various cart models. We can also repair minor damage, replace batteries and worn cables, and adjust settings such as the governor and other functions to further enhance your cart’s performance.

Major Overhauls

As your cart ages, it may no longer perform as expected. We’ll evaluate it to determine if it may be more cost-effective to let us overhaul and restore it to its original operating capabilities. An overhaul can be mechanical in nature, focusing on internal parts that need updated or replaced. It’s also an opportunity add convenient accessories you may not have opted for when you originally purchased your cart, such as flip seats, canopies, and enclosures.

Blue Yamaha golf cart

Affordable After-Sell Service

Regardless of what you need, we’re here to help, and easily accessible should you have any questions or wish to make service arrangements. As with everything else we offer, our after-sell service is always affordable. We’ll provide an honest estimate for your approval and complete all work as quickly as possible so you’ll be able to enjoy your cart again.

Take advantage of the full range of services available from Burkholder Golf Carts, LLC. Whether you have a new or used cart, you can count on attentive, ongoing service from our experienced staff as long as you own your cart. Contact us today at (717) 354-4080 to learn more about our products and services.